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ACICO Construction Co. is classified as Grade "1" ACICO Construction company by Central Tenders Committee (CTC) in Kuwait and UAE. Since its inception in 1990, ACICO has experienced sustained and steady growth and became a leading company in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracting in multi-discipline projects. ACICO's sphere of activities covers presently Kuwait and UAE markets and expanding into rest of GCC.

ACICO Construction Co. has successfully demonstrated its maturity by developing a 55 level hotel and 60 level multi-use tower on prime area on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and building of residential township- in Kuwait- 443 Row Houses with supporting Infrastructure to name a few.

Over years of ACICO Construction Co. growth, it was fundamental to our business to obtain and maintain client satisfaction by delivering quality construction services on time, often ahead of time, and within budget. With almost two decades of experience, a string of several governmental approvals and variety of successful projects were achieved such as villas, chalets, commercial and residential buildings, hospitals, schools, and multi-use high rise towers in Kuwait and the UAE.

ACICO has strong clientele base and strong relationship with GCC banks, which has been instrumental in creating more than two decades of successful growth. ACICO prides itself on conducting business based on highest ethical practices and international standard.

ACICO Building System

In addition of mastering conventional construction systems, ACICO Construction is the sole contractor of the wall load bearing system known as ACICO Building System. ACICO Building System is widely used in today's residential, industrial, commercial and public construction projects. Its unique features have established its use among international best practices, being the preference of developers in the EU, US, Japan, Russia, Australia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries. ACICO Building System is executed by certified contractors along with a professional technical supervision, provided by ACICO Construction's specialized Engineers.

ACICO Building System offers primary features for modern living:

  • Insulation
    The porous nature of the material used in ACICO Building System allows it to act as a heat trap, leading to the easier and more cost effective maintenance of structure's interior environment.

  • Light weight and Strength
    Being lighter than industry alternatives, AAC is easier to transport and work with, and it's reduced mass yields more economic construction. However, despite is low weight, the internal structure of the material does not comprise its durability or strength and indeed AAC is a multipurpose component that can be used in load bearing and non load bearing walls as well as roofs and floors. It can also be shaped for specialized ornamental purposes.

  • Precise
    Because of the innovative manufacturing process, AAC can be sawn, drilled, nailed and machined using regular wood-working tools. As the specific measurements of the blocks can be determined at the factory, less time is spent with on-site trimming.

  • Fire-resistant and Green
    As AAC is completely inorganic and non-combustible, it can be used for all fire-resistant and vision walls. The material also incorporates non-toxic elements and is produced with minimum energy. As a result, there is no impact on the environment, either in the manufacturing or construction process. Due to the unique ratio of density and strength AAC is an environment friendly source of raw material.

    ACICO Building System is applied successfully in all types of construction buildings e.g. schools, hospitals, police stations, villas, hotels, resorts, residential and industrial buildings. It was applied in many governmental and private projects in Kuwait, in addition to some prestigious projects in Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Oman.
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