Quality Assurance

ACICO Group uses high grade, supremely refined raw materials that undergo continuous testing across all stages for consistent quality.

Delivering high-quality solutions 

ACICO Group’s dedicated quality control & management departments supervise all technical aspects of raw material supply and product manufacturing. With approved systems put in place for periodic testing, ACICO ensures that only pure and high-quality raw materials are being used in the manufacturing of all of its products. In order to maintain consistency and accuracy in product quality, a comprehensive inspection process is also employed prior to distribution and delivery.

ACICO Group’s laboratories implement comprehensive internal quality control and assurance programs for material and product inspection using only the latest industrial technology. The Group’s internationally standardized machinery ensures compliance with the quality standards set by various government regulatory bodies including the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Defense, and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. These tests aim to certify product competency and compliance in line with the Kuwaiti Standard Specifications (KSS) as well as international standards set by the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), the German Institute for Standardization, and the British Standards European Norms (BS-EN). ACICO Group also liaises with a number of international testing laboratories to maintain quality excellence.  



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