ACICO’s Sustainability Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

ACICO Group strives to achieve a balance between the goals of the company and those of the community it serves. The Group is keen on playing an effective role through its positive impact programs as follows:

Green Building

ACICO Group is committed to preserving the environment in which it operates according to the highest international environmental recommendations and standards. The Group manufactures environmentally friendly building materials and uses green technologies to construct energy-efficient buildings, in addition to promoting environmental conservation and emission reduction measures to minimize harmful environmental impact.

Community Engagement

As an industry leader, ACICO Group plays a pivotal role in serving the community. Accordingly, ACICO Group continuously participates in community-based initiatives and awareness activities, in addition to supporting youth development and empowerment programs that aim to enhance their expertise and hone their skills.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

The of health and safety within the factories and workplaces. ACICO’s dedicated HSE department is keen on providing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees at all times. Additionally, the Group strives to promote a culture of risk prevention and management within in factories and construction sites.

ACICO Group believes that all injuries and environmental incidents are preventable and can be controlled, managed or reduced; prioritizing the wellbeing of our employees at all times.

The Team

ACICO believes that the Group’s team and all its members are the essential component of the company's success. Accordingly, the company is keen to provide a comfortable, positive and healthy operational environment. This is maintained and constantly improved through continuous training and mentoring opportunities.

Raising Awareness

ACICO Group strives to urge stakeholders of the need to participate in community engagement programs that benefit the communities they serve and operate in. This is achieved by:

  • Updating the company’s website with the latest news on CSR activities

  • Publishing CSR activity news and press releases in the daily newspapers

  • Internal communication between the team members in the group

  • Updating it social media platforms with CSR activity .news




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