ACICO Industrial is one of the largest manufacturers of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) products in the Middle East. With extensive experience within the region. It is also one of the leading manufacturers of building materials regionally.


ACICO Industrial takes pride in the production of a wide variety of building materials, including AAC slabs, panels and lintels, and other AAC reinforced structural components.


Furthermore, ACICO Industrial products are accredited by major government bodies including the Ministry of Public Works, the Public Authority for Housing Welfare, the Ministry of Electricity & Water, the Ministry of Defense in Kuwait and the GCC.


ACICO Industrial has factories across Kuwait, allowing us to supply products to all regions of the country, and dedicates part of its product line to government-subsidized materials for private residential clients.

Factory Size:


(square meters)


Construction Blocks

ACICO’s signature AAC blocks, with a tongue-and-grove interlocking feature, provide more stability and are also quickly and easily installed – requiring significantly less glue between blocks. These German-made blocks are lightweight, fire resistant with high thermal insulation and are also available in a variety of standard and customized sizes, to meet all construction needs.


ACICO’s AAC lintels are manufactured in compliance with the highest structural international standards, with special anticorrosion-coated steel. AAC lintels are available in different sizes and dimensions.

Reinforced Slabs

ACICO’s reinforced AAC slabs are available in various thicknesses and dimensions, with different load bearing capacities to meet diverse building requirements.

Dry Mortar

ACICO’s dry mortar is composed of essential, raw, high performance additives. No more than 2mm of mortar is required between each block for maximum strength.



ACICO blocks are approximately one-fourth the weight of traditional concrete blocks, offering more efficient handling, transportation and construction costs.

Thermal Insulation

The thermal efficiency of ACICO Industrial’s AAC products reduces reliance on heating and cooling appliances, resulting in an estimated 30% reduction in both costs and energy consumption.

Easy to shape and precise

ACICO blocks are versatile building materials that are easy to shape onsite. Also, AAC can be sawn, drilled, nailed and machined using regular wood-working tools.

Fire Resistant

ACICO AAC blocks have a four-hour fire rating, twice the amount of regular concrete blocks.


AAC products are efficiently produced to reduce their impact on the environment during and after the production process.

High Compressive Strength

ACICO building system components are designed and manufactured to bear the load and weight of more than required as a safety and performance measure.